What is the need for a Dark Mode in apps?

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What is the need for a Dark Mode in apps?

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A simple one word answer to this question is 'Personalization'. Everyone likes to have things in their own and unique way. Be it a browser (Chrome), or applications (Facebook, Whatsapp) or even OS (Mac, Windows, Android), Dark mode has been in discussion for a pretty long time.

All applications provide an option to manage and the Dark Mode / Light Mode. Scheduling the Dark Mode is also available. One can have time based activation of Modes (Say, for example you want the Dark Mode after 6pm everyday).

All this is surrounding the health font, where the Dark Mode helps to relieve the eyes of tiredness at night time. It pretty much reduces the strain on the eyes, especially in the current generation where most of our time is spent on computers or smart devices.

Once you try this you would surely start loving this setting -- especially the automatic changing between Dark and Light modes, so that you do not have to manually do it everytime.

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