Why do we need Excel to send bulk Whatsapp messages?

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Why do we need Excel to send bulk Whatsapp messages?

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A spreadsheet or excel (as its colloquially called) is primarily used to manage more than a handful of organized information. Let us take a step back and see how spreadsheet and messaging are related.

Any messaging platform has the ability to contact people on their primary contact detail. When emailing was famous (not that it is not used now), email id was the key. When smartphones came into business, it was followed by applications and in particular messengers. With the advent of messengers (that rely on phone numbers), the phone numbers have become the key. Earlier it was SMS and now its messages over apps. End of the day the customer base is reached on their primary contact information.

So here comes the use of spreadsheets - to send messages at one shot to a group of people. Be it an event invite or information broadcast spreadsheets are handy.

Slowly the broadcast changed into personalized messages - a simple example is a business contacting its customers for providing assistance for loans. Here the business already has the list of contact details, but needs to send a personal message to each of them. There are multiple tools that offer this kind of assistance. One such that I found useful is WAExpresso. Its simple and yet very effective and they have online support team as well.

All one has to do is download their sample format of excel. Fill in your message with placeholders (reminds me of mail merge of msword) and then the target Whatsapp number. Attach this file and just click send. Messages are sent instantly.

So a spreadsheet helps to complete tasks quickly, which would otherwise take hours to finish.
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