How to create your own Telegram link and share with others

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How to create your own Telegram link and share with others

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This feature provided by WhatsApp helps in creating individual link and using it. There are lots of website / individuals who use this to share their contact with others. By just clicking the link, person can directly open the contact of the person. But thinking at security, this is actually a risky thing. Look this scenario in this way, a malicious party can fetch a web page like for every possible number without passing authentication and can hence spam everyone.

Fortunately, it's NOT possible to link to Telegram like this for a phone numbers so far, because every user MUST add the phone number to their contact list before they can send a message to them by phone number. This limitation is because of Telegram privacy policy and abuse prevention. In more details, if Telegram allow this type of linking, its a huge risk like explained earlier. That's most probably why Telegram doesn't have such linking feature.

However, you can link to @username of a Telegram user if he/she has any:

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Since username are specific and not related with phone numbers, its not easy to try all possible combination and spam them.

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