WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2021 update

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WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2021 update

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WhatsApp is finally implementing its latest privacy policy with a new usage agreement. As per the policy, WhatsApp was planning to share of WhatsApp users with parent company Facebook.

The deadline to accept a new privacy policy for WhatsApp users was May 15, 2021. The policy, first told to users in early 2021, created a lot of controversy. This time, however, WhatsApp has said that accepting the policy is not mandatory, but if users don't accept it, they will lose access to some of the top features of WhatsApp. In other words, yet again, WhatsApp is telling its users that accept it.

In a statement, the Brazilian authorities noted that "WhatsApp has informed that it will not close any account, and that no user in Brazil will lose access to the application's features in the 90-day period after May 15 as a result of the enforcement of the new privacy policy and the new terms of service".

In India WhatsApp released a press release stating “After giving everyone time to review, we’re continuing to remind those who haven’t had the chance to do so to review and accept,”

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has taken the Government of India to court, saying that India's new IT rules violate the right to privacy of Indian users and called for the social media intermediary rules to be declared unconstitutional. WhatsApp has consistently opposed calls for dilution of end-to-end encryption on its platform by Government of India.

Please write in section about rules of your country or if you have any specific query regarding the WhatsApp policy

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