What has made Whatsapp popular?

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What has made Whatsapp popular?

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At the time of writing this article, Whatsapp has 2 billion active users across the world. More than 100 billion messages are sent everyday over Whatsapp. Thus, Whatsapp is the highest ranked messenger application. Whatsapp has gained popularity due to its simple and effective look and feel. One can send text messages or even multimedia like photos, voice/audio, video messages or other documents too. Sending free messages is the crucial point here.

It is over a decade since Whatsapp had come into existence and has slowly changed the face of communication.
  • The phone address book contacts become the contact list for Whatsapp - hence there is no need to maintain a separate address book.
  • It has hence become the default messaging application and has put SMS for daily communication to rest.
  • Also, Whatsapp is supported on many platforms like Android, iOS, tablets and Whatsapp Web is available for desktop access.
  • Anyone who has your number can view if you are online or offline. So there is no way anyone can hide behind a number.
  • The most popular countries that use Whatsapp are in Asia, Latin America and Europe. Quite strangely, US has a comparitively smaller base.
  • Whatsapp has features that goes beyond the normal SMS with its most important value - simple use.
So in short, it has become an essential part of day to life for many.

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